Richard Blenko, 1980-2007

Richard Blenko began work at Blenko Glass as a very young man, he and his older brother would often 'hang out' with their Uncle Jim Derkin and men from the plant - listening to the stories, watching glass being made. Rick knew he would join the Co. after graduation. From the beginning of his tenture at Blenko, he did whatever had to be done. While his job was managment, he was accomplished in the many task of running a Glass Company., he was the Promotional 'Face of Blenko', Richard has often been called an amabassodor for WV Glass, he was instrumental in Blenko involvement with PBS. Rick loves film, and it was only natural he would be involved with films documenting the long and colorful history of Blenko Glass Company. Richard often assisted with selecting designs for the catalog, designing and assisting with designs from 80 to 2007.
Richard Blenko
Full Bio: 
attended marhall univ and univ of south carolina; graduating MU with a BBA in Business MGT
President Blenko Glass from 1976-2008 4th Generation direct decendent of William J. Blenko
published blenko glass 1930-1953
past president friends of WPBY television wv statewide
past president Society of Glass Practices nationally
past board member WV Public Radio
past board member Cabell County Convention bureau
Arkansas Traveler award
Nominated for Alumni of the year Marshall University
Featured Univ of South Carolina Alumni Magazine
300 PBS television appearances, 2800 broadcasts
Appeared on television with Ingrid Croce, wife of late singer jim croce
 with Wayne Newton, singer
Tug McGraw, pitcher Philadelphia Philles
set record for fund raising Oregon Public Television\
multiple records for fund raising for PBS Television
Participated in 4 PBS documentaries
worked with Ellen Griesedick and Sam Posey on Wall of America
Richard Blenko designed and worked with the head blowers / finishers to design many items for
Blenko catalogue and special events.